The Trailblazer Programme will enroll eight fashion startups that provide innovative technologies to fashion value chain.

PDS Ventures launches fashion accelerator

Photo courtesy of FreePik

PDS Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of UK apparel accessories manufacturing company PDS, has partnered with non-profit fashion organisation Global Fashion Agenda (GFA) to launch an accelerator programme.

Dubbed Trailblazer Programme, the scheme will identify early-stage fashion entrepreneurs and help them scale their startups. PDS Ventures will invest up to $200,000 for a candidate, giving commercial and operational support to the company through PDS’s subsidiary company, PDS Group’s Positive Materials.

GFA and PDS Ventures are searching for startups that address challenges throughout the fashion value chain to apply to the Trailblazer Programme. Eight groups will be selected to be enrolled in the programme, receiving feedback and investment pitch training from PDS representatives.

PDS Ventures was founded in 2018. The unit invests in seed to series A startups focusing on innovation, sustainability and direct-to-consumer digital brands, with 31 active portfolio companies including Materra, Atterley and Zwift.

Pallak Seth, founder and executive vice chairman of PDS said in a press statement: “At PDS Ventures, we are committed to supporting young pioneering businesses and have had the privilege of working with some of the most exciting startups from their earliest days accelerating their mission to make a positive impact in the fashion industry.“