YF Strategic Insights will be managed by the company’s parent firm, YF Networks Group, joining sister unit PcComponentes Startup Booster.

PcComponentes new CVC unit

Photo courtesy of Pexels

PcComponentes, a Spain-based retailer of electronic consumer products, has launched a €1.9m ($2.1m) corporate venturing fund.

The new fund, YF Strategic Insights, will be managed by PcComponentes’ co-founder Francisco Yufera and it will be under the corporation’s parent company YF Networks Group.

YF Strategic Insights will invest in emerging companies and entrepreneurs who contribute to innovation in the ecommerce and retail sectors.

Founded in 2005, PcComponentes is an online computer and IT product store operator. Its operations span across Spain and Portugal.

PcComponentes had previously launched seven cohorts through its accelerator scheme, PcComponentes Startup Booster, which included portfolio companies such as pay-per-use ecommerce rental service Newe and AI-based enterprise chatbot developer Aunoa.