The Canon Marketing Japan MIRAI Fund will invest in early to mid-stage startups in Japan and across the globe.

Canon new CVC

Photo courtesy of Pexels

Canon Marketing Japan, a subsidiary of Canon, the Tokyo-headquartered maker of cameras and lenses, has launched a $67.6m corporate venture capital fund.

The fund, dubbed “Canon Marketing Japan MIRAI Fund”, will invest mainly in early to mid-stage Japanese startups. Investment areas include work-in-life technologies, regional regeneration and industrial disruptive industries.

The Canon Marketing Japan MIRAI Fund has a planned investment period of 10 years and is operated by Global Brain Corporation, an independent venture capital firm. The firm will be headed by general manager Naoya Ishida and investment manager Ryota Miyake.

Founded in 1937, Canon has invested in several companies such as Decru, eCopy and eHitex. Canon has also acquired 13 companies including Hebrew University spinout Briefcam, which it bought in 2018.