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January 2024 Spinout Tracker

AddedCompanyUniversityLocationSectorTechnologyRoundAmount ($m)Amount ($m)
15/01/2024Ceretype NeuromedicineHarvard UniversityUSHealthpractical application and integration of functional MRI in neuropsychiatric drug developmentSeed20 – 5
15/01/2024CRISPR QCKeck Graduate InstituteUSHealthplatform to precisely analyze the quality of the CRISPR/CAS9 gene editing systemA105.1 – 10
15/01/2024Galaxy BiosolutionsChalmers University of TechnologySwedenConsumerprecision fermentation using an unusual yeast grown on lactose from whey to to create a sweetener called tagatoseUndisclosedUndisclosedUndisclosed
15/01/2024NeuroBellUniversity College CorkIrelandHealthAI-powered medical device to accurately detect seizures in newbornsUndisclosedUndisclosedUndisclosed
15/01/2024RincellStanford UniversityUSEnergysilicon-graphite and lithium manganese iron phosphate battery cellsSeed1.20 – 5
15/01/2024MimiVaxRoswell Park Comprehensive CancerUSHealthsurvivin-targeted vaccine therapy for glioblastoma and other cancersUndisclosedUndisclosedUndisclosed
15/01/2024Via ScientificUniversity of MassachusettsUSHealthmulti-omics platform to help pharma companies, biotech developers and researchers discover biological insights fasterSeed50 – 5
15/01/2024MesenbioUniversity of YorkUKHealthengineered human stem cells to treat rheumatoid arthritisSeed1.80 – 5
15/01/2024QoriumMaastricht UniversityNetherlandsConsumercell-cultured leather productionUndisclosedUndisclosedUndisclosed
15/01/2024N-inkLinköping UniversitySwedenEnergyhigh-performing, scalable conductive polymers that boost battery and solar cell performanceConvertible note1.10 – 5
22/01/2024Disco PharmaceuticalsETH ZürichGermanyHealthcancer surfaceome discovery platformSeed21.75Over 20
22/01/2024EnerdrapeEPFLSwitzerlandEnergyprefabricated geothermal panelSeed1.50 – 5
22/01/2024QphoXUniversity of DelftNetherlandsITquantum transductionUndisclosed8.75.1 – 10
22/01/2024CellVoyantUniversity of BristolUKHealthAI-powered biotechnology to create stem cell-based therapies for chronic diseasesUndisclosed9.665.1 – 10
22/01/2024Arphion DiagnosticsUniversity of Illinois ChicagoUSHealthsmall brush to collect cells from potentially cancerous lesions inside the mouth, testing the sample for oral squamous cell carcinoman/an/aUndisclosed
29/01/2024ByldrETH ZürichSwitzerlandHealthno-​code development platform to build, evaluate and scale mobile health interventionsUndisclosed0.020 – 5
29/01/2024Heliotrope PhotonicsNew York UniversityUSEnergycoating technology for solar panels that boosts output by 8% to 15% increasen/an/aUndisclosed
29/01/2024DNA NanobotsOhio State UniversityUSHealthDNA nanoparticles engineered for targeted therapeuticsPre-SeedUndisclosedUndisclosed
29/01/2024Motif NeurotechRice UniversityUSHealthminimally-invasive bioelectronics for mental healthA18.7510.1 – 15
29/01/2024ChipmetricsVTTFinlandITatomic layer deposition technology for semiconductor manufacturingSeed2.60 – 5
29/01/2024CnergreenUniversity of CalgaryCanadaEnergystable foams for CO2 injection in enhanced oil recoverySeed20 – 5
29/01/2024Circular GenomicsUniversity of New MexicoUSHealthcircular RNA biomarkers for precision psychiatry and neurologyA8.35.1 – 10
29/01/2024ZWI TherapeuticsUniversity of Washington; Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyUSHealthproprietary polymer, polycarboxybetaine, to develop protein-polymer conjugatesA105.1 – 10
29/01/2024IMU BiosciencesKing’s College LondonUKHealthAI-powered immune discovery platform to develop precision medicinesA14.610.1 – 15
29/01/2024Bolden TherapeuticsBrown UniversityUSHealthtreatment of central nervous system illnesses such as Alzheimer’sPre-Seed1.50 – 5
29/01/20243DaughtersUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstUSHealthring-shaped, magnetic IUD that eliminates the pain points of T-shaped IUDsSeed20 – 5
29/01/2024CellCipherUniversity of ChicagoUSHealthprocess to apply single-cell RNA sequencing to embryoid bodies to study environmental and chemical exposures on human cellsUndisclosed0.150 – 5
29/01/2024KrystallixUniversité Grenoble Alpes; Grenoble INP; CNRSFranceIndustrialsingle crystal pulling using a cold magnetic crucibleUndisclosed0.390 – 5
29/01/2024RizLab HealthRutgers UniversityUSHealthhandheld device to count white blood cells from a single drop of bloodn/an/aUndisclosed
29/01/2024BTRYETH Zürich; EmpaSwitzerlandEnergylithium-ion thin-film solid-state batteryPre-Seed10 – 5
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