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World of Corporate Venturing 2022: Forward

GCV Leadership Society chair's welcome letter by Jacqueline LeSage, Founder & Managing Director, Munich Re Ventures

Starting the year with transformative goals

World of Corporate Venturing 2022 report editorial by James Mawson, editor in chief, Global Corporate Venturing

Leadership in the Innovation Economy 2022: Barbara Burger

Given her role at the vanguard of the world’s efforts to transition to a lower carbon future, it is perhaps appropriate that peers describe Barbara Burger, Chevron’s vice president of innovation and president of Chevron Technology Ventures (CTV), as a “force of nature”.

The GCV Institute – 2021 in review and 2022 lookahead

In February 2022, the GCV Institute celebrates its first birthday with the launch of the first corporate venture capital (CVC) operational and performance benchmarking platform. This will serve as a reference point for CVC strategic and operational planning as well as provide timely best practices data for the Institute’s professional development curriculum.

The Ethical AI Challenge

Insights from Global Corporate Venturing 2021 by Emmanuel Benhamou, managing director, EAIGG

The global corporate venturing survey 2022

From September to December 2021, Global Corporate Venturing conducted its annual State of CVC survey.

Talking heads: The important trends for 2021 and the biggest opportunities for 2022

In a recent poll of corporate venturing industry leaders, we asked what the most important trends were in 2021 and sought their insights into the big opportunities that 2022 may have to offer.

Corporate venturing spikes to record high

2021 year-end data analysis

2021 year-end data bank

Sector review of top investors, breakdown by subsectors and breakdown by type of corporate backers