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Steering AI’s potential

GCV's AI Q1 2021 supplement editorial by James Mawson, editor in chief, Global Corporate Venturing

Delving into DeepMind’s protein folding model

DeepMind Technologies’ achievement of applying machine learning to predict 3D protein structures has certainly got the scientific world excited, with some experts hailing a massive step forward for medical research.

Using the cloud to roll out artificial intelligence

Cloud servers can be thought of humanity’s first truly global infrastructure given they act as the bedrock for executing artificial intelligence (AI), or so went the argument in a November edition of The Economist.

Quantum computers poised to revolutionise chemistry

Nature’s laws of physics are difficult to replicate through an arrangement of binary computer switches, no matter how many of the switches we have access to.

How to orchestrate quantum computers

Q&A with Itamar Sivan, the co-founder of Israel-based quantum computer orchestration technology developer Quantum Machines.

Dev-ops: what is next?

Comment from Venkat Raghavan and Anik Bose, Benhamou Global Ventures

Putting the silicon behind the hype

Feature: AI sector report