Ariel University spinout Innoging has made its public debut and will commercialise ultrasound technology that lets radiologists manipulate scans without the patient being present.

Innoging Medical, an Israel-based ultrasound technology developer, has been launched by Ariel University, Israel21c reported on Tuesday.
The company has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from unnamed angel investors and physicians.
Innoging is working on technology that combines a probe, which resembles the transducer used in the ultrasound scan, with a pad, which simulates the patient’s body. Radiologists move the probe around the pad and can see a three-dimensional model of their patient on a screen.
The technology was originally envisioned to be used for training purposes but Innoging is also exploring marketing the technology to practicing radiologists.
The hardware and software were developed by Nir Shwalb in the Kinematics and Computational Geometry Lab. The spinout was established by tech transfer office Ariel Scientific Innovations.
Adi Baruch, co-founder and chief executive of Innoging, said: “Ultrasound is a volume created by many frames, so all the data exist but cannot be seen. By taking apart the video and building it again we can navigate inside and see everything that is going on.
“Our technology quite simply converts the video clip into a 3D model.”