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Testimonials for Global University Venturing

On the 2013 Global University Venturing Summit:

“I enjoyed the event and the chance to share ideas with a great group of people. I look forward to other opportunities to get together.”
Dave White, senior adviser to Schlumberger
“It was a true honor to be invited to this great event.”
Gerard Pannekoek, president & CEO of IPXI
“I really enjoyed the event.”
Crispin Leick managing director of Innogy Venture Capital
“Thanks for the opportunity to be part of the conference. I thought it was very good and great to meet some new faces. University Venturing is an interesting new area.”
Rupert Osborn, CEO of IP Pragmatics
“We all enjoyed it. Thank you for the award and the great write up. We’d be delighted to keep in touch and are very interested in your global view of university venturing. For Cambridge, it is important to keep up with what our peers are doing around the world.”
Edward Benthall, chairman of Cambridge Enterprise
“As I said at the dinner I was sincerely impressed by the people [at the 2013 Global University Venturing Summit].”
Simon Bond, manager of SetSquared

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