GCV Analytics conducted its annual survey on the state of the corporate venturing industry in October and November 2017. A total of 60 respondents participated. The response rate was slightly lower than in previous years due to the considerable additional length and depth of the survey (we asked over 40 questions this time). However, we received responses from corporate venturers from each of the ten sectors we track, thus maintainting the overall representativeness of the data. The study was conducted in cooperation with Stanford University and INSEAD Business School. Our joint effort was generously sponsored and supported by General Electric and Fenwick & West LLP.

More than half of respondents, 55%, declared that their investment priorities are comprised of a mix of financial and strategic return considerations. Slightly more than a third (35%) said it was mostly strategic return considerations and only 10% stated it was mostly financial returns they were concerned about. These results are logically in line with the nature of corporate venturing and consistent with results from previous surveys we have conducted.

Find out more about the industry in our upcoming World of Corporate Venturing 2018 report, which will be distributed on our Innovation Summit in Monterey, California.