Great to read Matthew Ball's latest nine-part framework for the metaverse.

“We need to think of the Metaverse as a sort of successor state to the mobile internet.”

Consumers will have core devices and platforms, such as Fortnite and Roblox, through which they interact with the Metaverse just as Google and Facebook are destinations and ecosystems on or in the internet, each accessible via a browser or smartphone that can also access the vast rest of the internet.

It is fascinating to see Epic Games as holding so many technologies and trends into a single experience that, like the iPhone, is tangible and feels different from everything that came before but behind the scenes is Tencent and Naspers/Prosus so their engagement will be critical.

But there are plenty of deals, such as Korea-based metaverse company XVerse, even if few can touch Epic’s $1bn raise, including Sony, a few months ago.

James Mawson

James Mawson is founder and chief executive of Global Venturing.