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Solving the quantum problem

Quantum computing remains an area fraught with challenges, but key breakthroughs this month show it is not out of reach.

H1 2021: a period without precedent

Investors have ploughed almost as much money into spinouts in the first six months of the year as they did for all of 2020.

Imperial reignites funding operation

The institution is starting afresh with its investment activities, having brought the management of its spinouts back in-house after Touchstone.

Albotherm seeds a green future

Based on research at University of Bristol, Albotherm’s technology could revolutionise how greenhouses and buildings are cooled.

Isolere Bio breaks the biomanufacturing bottleneck

Co-founder and CEO Kelli Luginbuhl talks to GUV about how the Duke spinout re-imagines the manufacturing of complex biologics.

The documentation of inventions during spinout

Careful documentation of inventive activity during the early stages of a spinout are important to avoid legal complications.