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Global Energy Council Advisory Board

The Global Energy Council was established to create thought leadership, drive content, and dive deeper into the issues that are currently affecting the consumer sector. The council needs an Advisory Board that is willing to take responsibility for choosing focused content and projects, with the objective of being as effective as possible. The GEC Advisory Board will meet once quarterly, and will be looked to by our peers, for thought leadership, strategic goals, and relevant content.

Please note applications for this council are not currently open, however new opportunities for board seats may become open during the current two-year term. In which case, seats will be filled from within the GEC by engaged members. If you would like to be considered when a seat opens, please fill out the application form below.

Please attach a headshot, your Linkedin link, as well as a 2-3 sentence bio. This information will be used on the GCV Council webpage to showcase each advisory board member for that Sector Council.

Global Energy Council Application

Applicant Name:(Required)
Company Address:(Required)
Is your company currently a member of the GCV Leadership Society?(Required)
What would you like to take away from the Global Energy Council?(Required)
Beyond Energy, which sectors are you interested in? (Please check any that apply)(Required)
Are you able to commit to 1 meeting per quarter for the next 2 years?(Required)
If you were nominated for this seat by a colleague, please give their name:

Please feel free to direct any questions to Amber Knapp, the GCC Advisory Board and GCV liaison.

Please note: If you are not selected to sit on the Global Energy Advisory Board, we still ask that you participate by attending the GEC round table conversations that are offered at GCV events. There will be opportunities to serve, and collaborate as we discuss important issues and opportunities that we, as CVC’s, must tackle every day. Your thoughts and interaction will be an important part of making this council a success!

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