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GCV Rising Stars & Emerging Leaders Award Nomination

The Global Corporate Venturing Rising Stars and Emerging Leaders Awards are designed to recognise the outstanding professionals working in corporate venturing. The 50 people selected for each category represent the top 0.5% of individuals in this profession.  

The selection process involves research into more than 20,000 individuals working at more than 2500 corporate venturing units. The selection process takes into consideration performance metrics but also gives weight to recommendations from managers and colleagues.  

To nominate a team member for this award, please fill in the form below with as much detail as you can provide.


Nomination form for Global Corporate Venturing Rising Stars and Emerging Leaders

I’d like to nominate someone for the:(Required)
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If you have any additional materials or testimonials to add, or if you are unable to submit this form, please email: rbains@globalventuring.com

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