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GCV Connect Challenges

GCV Connect powered by Proseeder are running a series of challenges where corporations present their specific needs to accomplish a strategic goal. Startups have the opportunity to address those needs by submitting their ideas and solutions to be reviewed by the corporations.



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Active Challenges

Full speed toward electrification: looking for creative solutions to replace hydraulic actuators

Hydraulic actuators are everywhere and continue to seduce with their remarkable power density. However, efficiency remains a big issue in the era of electrification. How can we replace hybrid linear actuators with electric actuators while respecting our requirements on power density and cost?

Electrification is a real trend and is not anymore limited only to passenger cars. The big wave of electrification fuel by environmental regulation is impacting all industries. For component manufacturers and tier1s, it is crucial to recognize this trend and adapt their product offering accordingly. If we do not move fast and we do not innovate faster than competition, we will lose our market leadership position.

Hydraulic linear actuators are widely used. Their power to weight ratio and their price is by far the best compare to any other technology. However their efficiency remains low, their controllability is limited and they need high level of maintenance. We are looking for innovative electric actuator design (or EHA) to overcome some of the challenges of hydraulic actuators. Our target application is Boom, Arm and Bucker actuators for excavators:

Power range: 7 to 13 kW
Peak power: 15 to 20 kW
Continuous Torque: 60-65 Nm

The most innovative solution could be offered a pilot program and a joint development opportunity with the Nabtesco group

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Enabling the next generation energy storage system

How might we develop a scalable solid polymer electrolyte that will support future Next-Gen battery development bringing high level of safety and high density energy?

We are looking for Solid Polymer Electrolyte that can be produced in large quantity at reasonable cost and exhibiting:

a. 0.1 to 1 mS/cm ionic conductivity at RT
b. Have Shear and Tensile Modulus comparable to SEO (Polystyrene Polyethylene Oxide) solid electrolyte
c. Demonstrate stability by exposing to Li-metal and quantify interfacial resistance
d. Cost projections (<$1 /sq.m) of the material 10-20 micron thick film
e. compatible and tested with next gen cathode/anode materials

Reward: discussion about potential collaboration and equity investment

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Enabling the Next Gen Battery Pack

How might we develop a high-energy load bearing/safe cells that combine the thermal conductivity without compromising on structural performances (fracture and toughness) and flame retardant/resistance?

We are looking for polyolefins composites with high in-plane thermal conductivity:

a. In-plane conducitivity around 10 W/m.K
b. Through-plane conductivity around 0.1 W/m.K
c. Suitable for traditional manufacturing like injection molding and thermoforming
d. Compatible with Fire Retardants (enabling FR compliance for stringent certification)
e. Structural properties similar to glass-filled PP (at 1-3 mm thickness)

Reward: discussion about potential collaboration and equity investment

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