This past week has seen us publish a draft speech to be delivered at our next on January 21 to 27.

Below is the speech TL;DR and you can read the draft here.

Reminder: You can read our news editor, Rob Lavine’s, preview of this year here, and his take on last year’s main issues in part one and part two.

  • Capital is abundant causing returns to be driven by innovation
  • Capital is fungible
  • VCs have become minority participants in innovation capital
  • Debt and equity should erode excess value
  • Private markets are now as liquid as public ones
  • Public markets are responding by raising valuations and easing conditions
  • Issue remains how to become an owner of choice to innovators
  • CVCs add value but need multiple strategies
  • Recruitment and retention requires professional development
  • Network effects and data become vital platforms
  • This innovation capital ecosystem is threatened by geopolitics and conformism
  • Intention required to solve challenges of energy, health and ICT