The sixth annual Global Corporate Venturing awards are a celebration of the industry and how it helps entrepreneurs, the venture ecosystem and parent companies make the world a better place and deliver on their strategic and financial goals.

This year’s selection of winners is recognition of their achievements but there are numerous other successes every day. These awards help provide focus and recognition for an industry that has sometimes struggled to promote its achievements – a task that the nascent CVC trade body will hopefully help with. This is important because, as Massachusetts Institute of Technology neuroscientist Earl Miller said in an article in Scientific American magazine: “Success has a much greater influence on the brain than failure.”

Congratulations to all the winners and shortlisted candidates, and join us in covering the accomplishments and what can be improved in the industry over the next 12 months by, to quote David Hume, letting “truth spring from argument among good friends”.


This year, for most awards, Global Corporate Venturing selected a shortlist and the winner was selected
by the magazine’s editor after advice from its editorial board. Intramezzo drew up a shortlist for the GCV Talent of the Year award. The Lifetime Achievement Award was chosen by the editor without a shortlist, while the Person of the Year is the top ranked member of the GCV Powerlist 2016. The profiles were written by Chris Torney, reporter.


Unit of the Year
Lifetime Achievement Award
New Entrant of the Year
Fund of the Year
M&A of the Year
IPO of the Year
Large Investment of the Year
Sub-$50m Investment of the Year
Legal Firm of the Year
Financial Services Provider of the Year
Software Service Provider of the Year
Consultancy Firm of the Year
Talent of the Year
Person of the year – Jeffrey Li, Tencent (profile from the GCV Powerlist 2016 supplement)