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Global Corporate Venturing Advertising

Global Corporate Venturing offers advertisers a unique way to target the people at the large companies around the world and in every sector whose job is invest in smaller, more nascent businesses. These people often have a direct line into their chief executives and finance directors and have a responsibility to seek out change and innovation in and outside of their companies. This makes their influence within a company significant and influential about what and where to invest globally.

Through Global Corporate Venturing’s distribution partners and subscription model, the website and monthly magazine reach an estimated 80% of the corporate venturers’ at the top 1,000 companies globally.

Advertisers can choose from a range of packages to meet their needs: from individual ads in the monthly Global Corporate Venturing PDF magazine to different size spaces on the website, as well as coordinated and tailored media needs and the opportunity to sponsor surveys, reports and events.



We also offer recruiters an opportunity to inform subscribers about vacancies or recent people moves, notices about special occasions or memorable events and small ads for potential service companies and entrepreneurs.


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